Overband Magnetic Separator

Overband Magnetic Separator
Product Description

Overband magnetic separator is designed to capture valuable ferromagnetic particles. Ideal for your product stream, it offers a quick and easy way. It can handle full content of ferromagnetic particles. With automatic cleaning, it protects your system – mills, grinders, shredders, screw conveyors etc. The magnetic separator is great for industrial needs. The main benefits include high temperature resistance, cost-effectiveness, long-term magnetic stability and strong magnetic field. Our offered solutions are suited for removal / separation of high volumes of steel, iron etc.

Advantages :

  • This machine uses high strength rare earth neodymium iron boron composition strong magnetic core, has the high strength magnetic field.
  • Applicable to the installation space is limited to a relatively small place, the device itself is light weight, convenient suspension and installation. Easy to move and change to another place to work.
  • The structure is simple, easy to maintain, the components are reduced, reduce maintenance costs.
  • The use of shaft drive motor, effectively solve the sprocket chain driven broken chain, chain or belt driven broken belt, running slip fault.
  • Automatic unloading iron belt with high strength annular rubber belt, integrated with the scraper easily complete the iron unloading operation.
  • Can support the installation support, can meet different installation methods, and can protect the belt from external damage, prolong the belt life.

Product Details


1- 2 kW


Mild Steel,Rubber


300- 400 Kg

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